Teacher Training

This is an introduction to Rabbi Yehuda Winder’s Lshon Hatorah workbook series, and the success of the program.

It explains what material each workbook covers. 

In this video, Rabbi Rietti provides the ten components of Hebrew language acquisition, starting with identify letter shapes, leading to decoding Hebrew, and analyzing it. There are a variety of activities and games to be played with students and children, and is a great resource for those who provide Jewish Homeschooling, and teachers who may need additional material for their curriculum. 

It also includes a methodology for teaching Hebrew Nekudos.

This is a continuation of Rabbi Rietti’s series on Hebrew language learning. It covers the next steps where teachers and parents can inspire the ability to pair words and generate reading accuracy, self-correction, and reading fluency. 

This video covers prefixes and suffixes in Lashon Hakodesh, and it’s role in dikduk. 

This is an expansion on Hebrew suffixes, and strategies on how to incorporate them in your Jewish curriculum. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to master Biblical Hebrew with the L’Shon Hatorah Workbook Program.